Design and Animation: Ya-Chi Yang
V.O. : Adam Morgan
Software: Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, Media Encoder

This video is to introduce some basic terminology that are used in the auction process. Our goal is to make it as interesting as possible! It also promotes Zions Direct Auctions which is a platform that allows investors to compete for securities by bidding on the yield in an auction.
Target Audience
Zions Direct Clients, General Public Ages between 25-45

Why making this video?
Zions Direct is an online platform for investors to purchase securities online or via a mobile application. 
We created this video to educate the investors and to promote Zions Direct's platform. 

The Process
We want this video to be fun and engaging. Our goal is to make complex investing terms easy and fun to learn.
I was working with our writer, Tim Hale, who helped me get familiar with the concept. I had the freedom to
 experience text animations and kinetic typography. 

Auction Jargon has over 500 views on Zions Direct (now Zions TV)'s Youtube channel. It was also shared through Zions Direct's newsletter to clients and customers.

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