Design and Animation: Ya-Chi Yang
V.O. : Michele Smith
Software: Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, Audition, Media Encoder

Because of the increase in business email compromise attacks, we created this animation to 
raise awareness of the issue.
Target Audience
Zions Bank Clients, Customers, General Public 

Why making this video?
Fighting fraud in businesses has been one of the most important thing to protect the company's assets. We want to create a video not only educate the bank's employees but raise awareness of the issue to the general public.

The Process
This video includes explaining terminology, describing a scenario, and using data to elaborate the concept. I use bold color to lighten up the serious subject matter, and create characters that would make the video fun and easy to digest.

Business Email Compromise has over 1000 views on Zions Bank's Youtube channel. It was also shared through Zions Bank's newsletter to clients and employees, and was used in various presentations and conferences. 

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